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Johnny Howe returns to Apple's Design Presidency

Johnny Howe returns to Apple's Design Presidency

Johnny Ive returned to his normal position as Apple's design head, where we see his touches on almost every product the company has provided.

Johnny Howe gave up designing Apple's products and moved to wider areas two years ago. CEO Tim Cook sent an e-mail to employees telling them Johnny How was designing the facades and even shopping at Apple's real estate and the company's new headquarters, External product casings.

He was replaced by Alan Dye, vice president of user interface design, and Richard Howarth, vice president of industrial design. But now, Johnny How has come back to work on product design as the company removed the names from the Apple Managers page and named the head of design under Johnny's name.

Although Johnny gave up his managerial career as Apple's design chief for two years, he continued to appear normally at the company's conferences to unveil new devices or to talk to the media about the company's new headquarters. Then.

With the return of Johnny Ivy to Apple products, will we see the iPhone next year with the same segment cut up? Or will it be improved to avoid it while maintaining a fingerprint sensitive?