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LG G7 will carry an advanced scanner for the iris

LG G7 will carry an advanced scanner for the iris

Recently, there have been more than one way to bypass the lock screen, such as fingerprint course in addition to the techniques of recognition of the face and voice and iris and companies in the addition of these technologies to their phones.

LG has taken these techniques, the iris scanner, and developed it to be presented on the next phone G7 under the name of a sophisticated iris scanner, which does not need a special sensor, but will be integrated into the front camera of the phone.

LG plans to expand the use of the iris scanner as a symbol of safety on the phone for special files and applications, as well as payments and other things, making sure that this technology can work under any circumstances, especially in low light.

So far, there is no timeframe for LGG7, but the Korean company may choose the World Mobile Congress to be held in Barcelona from 26 February to 1 March 2018.