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who are we

Peace, mercy and blessings of God

After Greetings

We at Ghawi News are always working to gain the trust of the visitor and follower, and we are keen to provide everything useful and new.

who are we

A group of 3 people

Site Manager - Hisham


Obtained BA in commerce

And two of the blogging team, we're not going to mention their names
What is the reason for creating the site?

I searched for Arab websites that are interested in the field of computers and found that they are very many, and almost uncountable, but by careful research, especially in the field of Windows, I found that they are also many, but not constantly renewed, and we know that Microsoft is doing a monthly update for its copies of Windows, and the Arab follower is keen I have to have this update, any latest version of Windows, so it searches Arab sites, and most of the results are for previous versions that are not for the current month, and from here I decided to be a little different. With the latest releases and updates, from here comes the difference of Ghawi News website from other sites that work in the same field.

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