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Apple will end its acquisition of Shazam next week

Apple will end its acquisition of Shazam next week

The fervent rivalry between music services these days has made Apple think of making a big move to support its music service Apple Music, the acquisition of the popular Shazam application to learn music.

According to the sources of the famous TechCrunch Tech website, the two companies have completed everything and the agreement is expected to be signed next week, where the deal is expected to approach $ 1 billion.

The application goes without definition It is like a search engine dedicated to music if it is not really so all you have to play a part or a piece of music from any song or Bernang or film to take you directly in a few seconds where the application has hundreds of water uploads on Andorod and iOS.

Adding such a feature or service will be very useful for users of Apple's music application or even for audio tracks Siri and of course direct acquisition shortens a long road on Apple.

After all, let's wait for what happens next week.