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Samsung works on Galaxy Note 10 Pro

Samsung works on Galaxy Note 10 Pro
Samsung works on Galaxy Note 10 Pro

After Samsung completed the successful launch of the Galaxy S10 series, the Korean company began to prepare for its flagship phone in the second half of the year, which will be known as the Galaxy 10, and it also has a popularity that is not less than the popularity of the category S.

The latest leaks from the trusted lexicon Universelce indicate that Samsung is working on a special version of the phone named Galaxy Note 10 Pro to be the best version of three phones will be revealed this season.

The new version will certainly feature special features such as larger memory, larger screen, more cameras, a huge battery and possibly support for 5G VLANs and possibly other special features that will contribute to marketing this version for the first time.

It is still too early to talk about the phone, which will be revealed in August, but the world of leaks is not. Therefore, the leaks are expected to increase as we approach the date of the official event to detect the device.