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The game of Braun Stars earn $ 50 million per month

Braun Stars
The game of Braun Stars earn $ 50 million per month

Super Cell's new Brawl Stars continues to grow in profit almost four months after its launch, with revenues of $ 200 million, averaging $ 50 million per month.

The game was launched on December 12 last on the operating systems Android and iOS and offers a system of triple play. With the rest of the smart phone games in the first quarter of revenue, it is in 11th place, outperforming Clash of Clans and Clash Royale from the same developer. The profits come from 87 million active players, mostly from the United States ($ 42 million in revenue) So far (and South Korea) has $ 38 million in revenue so far.

Brawl Stars made $ 150 million in the first three months of its launch. For comparison, PUBG has earned $ 40 million in the first four months.



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