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Instagram tests a new application for private messages and chat.

Instagram tests a new application for private messages and chat

Instagram began testing a new application to connect to private messages called Direct that could replace the messaging feature within the main application.

When the application is opened for the first time, the camera interface opens, as with Snape, and when installed, the private messaging feature of the Instagram application disappears as the new application is the only way to do so.

This is similar to what Facebook did with the Messenger application, making it the main link instead of the messaging feature within the Facebook application itself.

If this separation actually occurs in EntGram, it will allow you to better focus on Instagram's social network to share and publish images on personal accounts. For those who want to share in Snape Chat, use the new Direct application.

InStagram has developed the special messaging feature to include group conversations in image or text, as well as reply to stories, and even send temporary messages that expire after opening them at least twice.

It is clear that the new Instagram application is trying to copy Snape Chat separately with three interfaces, in the middle of the camera and open by default, and on the left there is the profile to access the settings and switch between the accounts, and to the right reaches the messages that you received.

After Facebook separated the application, Messenger raised the number of users from 500 million to 1.3 billion users, but does it succeed with Entagram?

The application will gradually be available to some users in limited countries on Android and iOS, and will be available to all countries worldwide.