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Facebook expands franchise options via a new button.

Facebook expands franchise options via a new button

Most people do not know the meaning or usefulness of the Poke feature on Facebook, but come to see more options like hugging, peace or wink.

Some users on Facebook have a new button under the profile picture through their application of smart phones called Hello. By clicking on it, a welcome is sent to the user in the form of a bonus. However, continuous clicking presents several new options that suit different types of relationships such as friends and family or maybe you would like to know them first. Once.

It can be said that the idea of ​​texas is linked to the old social networks such as hi5, which was popular in that period, but later differed people's use of social networks and there is no sense of the Nexus, now want to return Facebook but more options.

Like any other feature added by the social network, if it sees that its rate of use is low or if people do not react too much with it, it will gradually remove it.