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Ozark: We Need to Talk About That Series Finale - Plus, Grade It!

Ozark: We Need to Talk About That Series Finale -Plus, Grade It!

Assuming you are as yet clearing your path through Ozark's last episodes we beseech you to hit the closest exit and return when you've come as far as possible.

Nobody can blame Ozark for not making a dramatic exit.

Ozark Season 4, Part 2 Recap: Best and Worst Moments From Final Episodes

Ozark Season 4, Part 2 Recaps

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After the screen on Season 4, Episode 14 slice to dark, a discharge rang out. Also, there was no secret regarding the personality of the aggressor or the person in question.

In the episode's end minutes, Marty and Wendy get back to find Mel Sattem hanging out in their patio close by Ben's remains filled treat container (otherwise known as the "proof.") Turns out the investigator had purchaser's regret about offering his spirit to Satan and crawling off to Chicago for that fortunate analyst gig.

"I was unable to take care of my business," he clarified for the trembling couple.

 "All that I've been dreaming about for a considerable length of time — back on the power, Chicago PD — the sum total of my thoughts was you individuals."

That's right, Mel had returned to put a last minute style kibosh on Marty and Wendy's cheerful ish finishing. Also, this time around, they couldn't buy his quiet. "You don't get it, isn't that right?" he scoffed, prior to adding, "You don't get to win… The world doesn't work like that."

That is correct mother f-kers, you're going down. This is one tie you can't get your heartless selves out of. You lose! Yippee… pause, where did Jonah come from and for what reason is he holding a rifle and for what reason is he pointing it at Mel and not his friggin guardians and there's just 10 seconds left of the episode and OH, HELL NO it can't end with…

That's right, that is to be sure the way in which it finished. In the last seconds, Jonah — one of only a handful of exceptional characters on this show with any similarity to an ethical compass — killed an honest man as his terrible guardians looked on proudly.

Gracious, and talking about the heroes losing, Ruth's dead, as well. Windbag Clare Shaw told brand new medication cartel fat cat Camila that Ruth was the person who whacked her child and she, as anyone might expect, burned through no time giving back in kind.

Basically Ruth went out in a blast of full boss greatness, expressing these last words as she trusted that Camilla will pull the trigger: "I'm not sorry. Your child was a killing bitch. Also, presently I know where he got it from."

R.I.P., Ruth Langmore. You were a symbol. R.I.P., Ozark. You were oftentimes chafing and inconsistently splendid and I'm a little freeloaded you're gone.