Netflix tests the "Top 10"
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Netflix tests the "Top 10"

Netflix tests the "Top 10"

Netflix has reached 148 million subscribers worldwide, exceeding expectations over the past three months, adding 9.6 million new users. To make content more accessible to them, Netflix has started testing the top ten listing feature to let you know what the world is following.

Currently, Netflix is ​​testing the UK feature. Within each section of the movie and series rankings there will be a top ten list and, as its name suggests, the highest movies and series viewed during the week for each category independently. The list is updated weekly. This feature is added to all other ways to view and explore the most current content.

Unusually, for the first time, Neflex began to show the number of views for all its exclusive films for the first month.

She does not expect her executive director to be impressed by Disney's entry into the market as a huge competitor with his big, exclusive work because of the different nature of her Disney business. Netflix expects all companies to continue to grow and succeed in the video-on-demand sector.