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Europe may apply the one-hour law to remove terrorist content before fines are imposed

EU Flags at the European Commission Building
EU Flags at the European Commission Building

European law governing the regulation of electronic content, including social networking sites and networks, is one of the most stringent laws, especially with regard to complacency in the protection of users and their data, as well as the dissemination of terrorist content on popular platforms. In this context, the European Parliament on Wednesday voted on an initial decision And social networks to delete any terrorist content within one hour only after being notified by the concerned authorities and a fine of up to 4% of the annual revenues in case of non-compliance.

The draft resolution has supported 308 members of parliament with opposition 204 which, of course, will be discussed and further elaborated before it is effectively rolled out to combat terrorist content, bearing in mind that the current law is mentioned in last spring's European Parliament directives, Here is less authoritarian on the one hand that the hour will be after informing the authorities and will not be imposed from the beginning on the network or the site itself, with existing claims to allow more time in the case of sites and small networks to reach opportunities for biting up to 12 hours.