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Twitter update adds important broadcast channels and news at the top of the page

Twitter update adds important
Twitter update adds important

Twitter has introduced a new update to its Android and iOS smartphones, as the update changes the user interface in some cases to put live channels in boxes at the top of the page to browse, the same with breaking news or the effective "Hashtag" tag from followers.

The new update will place a box or boxes at the top of the application screen when there are important events that are important, depending on who the user is following. For example, when there is a game and a number of accounts are set aside for a certain "Hashtag" tag, Will appear at the top so you can easily access the game events and Tweets, and this is similar to other events and interests.

This update appeared yesterday, and I arrived at the beginning even before the company announced it, during the Manchester United vs Watford - that's the reason for the example, so it will have reached everyone now. If the application has not been updated, you should update it to get the feature.