أخبار ساخنة

Source Code applications and games


But you should first know what Reskin is?
Riskin is a name and is called a process we can do in different areas. It starts with where the other people end up. For example, someone gives you a car or site design and you modify it and add it to your own touch as some people know as Brabus is a company that takes Various cars, headed by Mersides cars and then fully modified by the company and win millions of such operations.
This process can be done in the field of Android applications where there are a lot of programmers Android applications that produce source code for their applications and then display it in sites selling and some offer it free of charge, after winning millions.

Some codes are sold for $ 20 and can be up to $ 1500 and more depending on the competition and the type of application and provide it on demand, where you can change application characters and change the application completely or add new features to be different from the basic application as required Be a professional in Alfotoshob and you have a broad imagination and also must have skills in marketing so that you can advertise the application, but must be away from copyright, especially cartoon films Example You must invent a new personality and choose a name that has a high search rate.
You can now download the code here