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WeChat denies storing user conversations

WeChat denies storing user conversations
WeChat denies storing user conversations

The Chinese WeChat application is more than just a regular conversation application, and for application sensitivity and magnitude, privacy considerations come first, and the company denied storing user conversations in response to a Chinese businessman and investor's statement.

The company said user conversations were stored only on their loaded phones and the company did not store any records of the conversations in its servers.

She added that she would not conduct any massive data analysis on user conversations to search for keywords or topics of recent users.

The Chairman of Geely Holdings and owner of the brand Volvo Cars Li Shufu told the media that the chairman of Tencent, the owner of the application, "must be an observer of all daily conversations on the application"

The Chinese authorities require all chat and social networking applications to monitor publicly published content for any "illegal" content.

The privacy policy of WebHat states that it may disclose users' information to the authorities on request, without clarifying what information can be provided if it contains texts from personal conversations.