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Garmin Speak Plus blends Amazon Alexa with a dash cam

Garmin Speak Plus blends Amazon Alexa with a dash cam
Garmin Speak Plus blends Amazon Alexa with a dash cam

Try not to believe it's sufficient to have Amazon Alexa in your auto? Garmin supposes it has a superior suggestion: toss in a dash cam. Its new Speak Plus incorporates a similar voice colleague that offers headings, music playback and different sans hands controls, yet it likewise tucks in a camera that can both record "episodes" (read: crashes) and convey cautions. It'll caution you in case you're excessively near an auto, in case you're floating out of your path or if that gridlocked activity has at last begun moving. 

The Plus keeps on matching with your cell phone to get on the web, and can utilize either Bluetooth or an aux link to pipe music to your auto's sound framework. An OLED screen gives essential route points of interest so you don't miss a turn. 

Of course, the expansion of the camera raises the cost. The Speak Plus will offer for $230 when it sends on January 22nd ($200 on the off chance that you pre-arrange by January twentieth), or well finished the $150 for the first Speak. Notwithstanding, it may bode well. Many individuals are content with mounting their telephone and utilizing its implicit colleague, and there's very little point to Speak on the off chance that you have a vehicle with Apple CarPlay or Android Auto. In any case, dash cams are an alternate story - this gives you some helpful wellbeing and protection includes notwithstanding keeping your eyes out and about while you drive to a new goal.