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Tim Cook has sued $ 12.8 million for this year

Tim Cook has sued $ 12.8 million for this year

The compensation, which Apple's board decided to give CEO Tim Cook due to good performance this year compared to last year, has risen.

The Board decided to grant him 12,825,066 dollars for his work during the fiscal year ended at the end of last September. This is higher than Cook's performance in the previous fiscal year 2016, where he earned 8,747,719 as iPhone sales slumped.

Altogether, in 2017, Apple sold 216.7 million iPhone phones, up slightly from last year's 211.88 million. The annual sales index recorded 231.22 million iPhone sold in 2015.

Tim Cook's compensation this year included additional payments for the use of his own travel plane because of the increased sensitivity of his trips as they affected the company's strategy. The board asked him to use his own aircraft and provided him $ 224,216 in compensation. Travel compensation last year was much lower at $ 93,109 Because he was often traveling at company expense with general civil travel planes.

All in all, Apple has gained more than 36% over the past year.