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Russia has also been involved in media penetration campaigns since 2014


The latest security studies revealed that infiltrators from Russia targeted journalists in different countries since 2014 with campaigns of penetration and spying, according to a study prepared by Secureworks specialized in the field of security.

The campaigns targeted journalists in a variety of countries, including Russia, Ukraine and the United States of America, and more than 50 New York Times journalists have been targeted by Russian groups.

Fancy Bear is responsible for these campaigns, targeting more than 200 people from 2014 to the last few months. It also leaked some messages from the account of one of the news editors in Russia, without forgetting the leaking of emails to the Democratic Party in America before the elections.

The Associated Press quoted these studies and news confirming the involvement of this group, and of course, in those campaigns, which confirms the presence of Russian intervention in the US elections and public opinion, especially that the Fancy Bear group is believed to be belonging to the Russian Intelligence Agency.