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Apple Final Cut Pro X supports virtual reality video editing

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Apple Final Cut Pro X supports virtual reality video editing

Apple has announced an update to the professional Final Cut Pro X video editing application with new features including 360-degree virtual reality video editing, advanced color rendering tools and support for HDR videos.

Final Cut Pro is optimized to maximize the performance of the new iMac Pro, where users can now edit 8K full-definition videos for the first time on Macs. The company also added support for 360-degree virtual reality videos for the Motion and Compressor applications that accompany Final Cut Pro.

The number of users of the program has reached two million, used by professional video editors to create works of art from Hollywood commercials and award-winning films to international broadcast programs and the most popular YouTube videos in the world.

Final Cut Pro allows professional editors to create virtual reality content with the ability to import, edit, and view real-time 360-degree videos through HTC VIVE connected to SteamVR. Users can easily add 2D or 3D titles over 360 degrees, add blurs, lighting, and other immersive effects, and use visual controls to adjust the horizon and remove photographic equipment from equal rectangles. Standard images can be added to virtual reality projects, and 360-degree videos can be shared directly on popular sites like YouTube, Facebook or Vimeo.

Final Cut Pro 10.4 today is available as a free update for existing users, and is available for $ 299.99 on Mac OS Marketplace for new users. Motion 5.4 and Compressor 4.4 are now available as a free update for existing users, for $ 49.99 each.


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