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فيس بوك تعلن حربها على منشورات “طلب التفاعل” 2018

فيس بوك تعلن حربها على منشورات “طلب التفاعل” 2018

After Facebook reduced the appearance and arrival of regular publications for page followers, it was necessary to circumvent the company's algorithms by increasing the interaction in the publications in order to reach a larger number of fans, but this circumvention became "begging" Facebook stop it.

When you visit Facebook, you may find publications such as "Applauding a Barcelona fan" or "Indicate your unsatisfied friend" and other commands that require the user to act more interactively. All these actions are seen by Facebook as an offense and should be stopped.

As you did with sites that use fraudulent URLs or images to get clicks, Facebook will reduce access to publications with words that require users to interact with them.

Here we hope that Facebook will succeed in its new war and reduce the appearance of those publications already and not other publications that interact with them naturally.

It is not clear what criteria Facebook will use to judge if the interaction with any publication is fraudulent or natural, but the algorithm used will be more useful with current English publications and targeting poor quality content, and hopefully later expand into Arabic and get rid of the solicitation of interaction.

We understand from the social network that it will fight primarily the pages that use these fraudulent methods frequently, not transient cases.